Can you help us bring about a world in which data science and AI are used for the greater good? You can support our mission by donating above or by getting involved through the following options:
We get it; not everyone’s a fan of the online stuff. You can always donate by writing a check made payable to DataKind, Inc. and mailing it to:

DataKind, Inc.
419 McDonald Avenue
Suite 180184
Brooklyn, NY 11218
We're able to accept donations in the form of stock, government (including municipal) debt, and corporate debt through most brokerage accounts.

For information on how to process stock and wire transfers, please contact
Employer Matching Gifts
You may be able to double or even triple your impact! Some companies match their employees’ financial donations and volunteered time to nonprofit organizations.

Check with your employer for a matching gift form and let us know at how we can help.
In-Kind Donations
If you or your organization is interested in contributing material help, contact us at
Donor Advised Funds
We’ve made it easy to support DataKind through your Donor Advised Fund. Give now from your Donor Advised Fund.
Donate Crypto
You can now support DataKind's mission through gifts of Cryptocurrency!

Gifts of Crypto can be made securely here
, where you can also find answers to Crypto giving questions.
Event and Project Sponsorship
We’re always looking for corporate and private sponsors to partner with us on events (in-person or virtual), projects, and other activities. Email us at
Our funders
You have been endowed with tremendous data science and leadership powers and the world needs them! Mission-driven organizations are tackling huge social issues like poverty, global warming and public health. Many have tons of unexplored data that could help them make a bigger impact, but don't have the time or skills to leverage it.
The Rockefeller Foundation
Mastercard Center For Inclusive Growth
IBM Community
Knight Foundation
Laura and John Arnold Foundation
The James Irvine Foundation
Rita Allen Foundation
Open Society Foundations
William + Flora Hewlett Foundation
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Skoll Global Threats Fund
Bill & Melinda GAtes Foundation
The Elsevier Foundation
Vanguard Charitable
Nielson Foundation
11th Hour Project
City of Orlando
Jessie Ball DuPont Fund
Johnson and Johnson Foundation